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Over the past decade, Jack Vale has produced and starred in a number of hidden video gags. If you missed them on TV you can finally see them right here, along with TV appearances, interviews and more.

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TV Vault
  • Bad Spy
    Episode 1

    Bad Spy

    Episode 1

    One of the only times you'll see me in a suit. This is a segment from TV's "Bloopers". I became a bad spy.

  • Bikini Photoshoot Prank

    Episode 2

    From TV's "Bloopers", Jack found some people on the beach and put them in awkward positions with a bikini girl while doing a professional photo shoot.

  • Bad Employee

    Episode 3

    Jack went undercover as an employee of a grocery store and became the worst one ever. This is from TV's "Bloopers".

  • Free Samples

    Episode 4

    After Jack gives some samples away to customers at a grocery store, it backfires on them.

  • Imitating Farm Animals

    Episode 5

    This is a segment from "Bloopers" where I randomly imitate farm animals in the middle of conversations.

  • Bad Magic
    Episode 6

    Bad Magic

    Episode 6

    This is from an episode of TV's "Bloopers". Jack goes out in public and becomes a bad magician.

  • Flea Market Scam (Ft. Uncle John)

    Episode 7

    Uncle John and Jack went to some flea markets and shook things up a little. Jack bought some stuff, but paid Uncle John instead of the owners!

  • Stealing People's Wishes at a Fountain

    Episode 8

    After talking people into donating to the "Keep the Fountain" cause, I keep their coins.

  • Escalator Safety Patrol

    Episode 9

    As a member of the Escalator Safety Patrol, Jack randomly selects people and insists that they wear an orange safety vest while riding up the escalator, but then instructs them to come back down and return it.

  • Asking for Crazy Directions

    Episode 10

    And why is his arm in a sling? NO reason, other than to get them to feel badly enough for him so they take their time explaining dumb directions.

  • Employee Eating Live Goldfish

    Episode 11

    Jack dresses up as a Shell gas station employee and eats live goldfish right out of the bowl. Or...does he?

  • I'm a Celebrity!

    Episode 12

    Jack walks around Huntington Beach, CA, assuming people want to get pictures with him and autographs.Not cocky at all. LOL

  • Can I Borrow Your Cell Phone?

    Episode 13

    Jack says he has an emergency and asks people if he can use their phone. When they agree, he talks about NON-emergency topics with no sense of urgency whatsoever and seems to never want to give the phone back.

  • Car Wash Attendant Prank

    Episode 14

    Posing as a car wash attendant, Jack tries selling people stuff they don't need. And, some things that don't even exist!

  • Bad Barista (Worst Coffee Server Ever!)

    Episode 15

    As a barista, Jack offers "Bird-Style" coffee, attempts to keep people's change, and a bunch of other stuff!

  • Can I Borrow Your Cell Phone AGAIN?

    Episode 16

    Jack is still asking people if he can borrow their phone, then staying on it as long as he can.

  • Blowing Bubbles on People

    Episode 17

    Behind their backs, Jack blows bubbles on people, but quickly hides the evidence. Watch people turn around and wonder where they are coming from as Jack pretends it wasn't him.

  • Guy Loses His Mind Over Cracker!

    Episode 18

    We still don't know what made this guy so upset. Jack set up a free sample stand in Hollywood with crackers on display, but the crackers were glued to the papers so it made things very difficult for people.

  • Old Man In the Trunk (Ft. Uncle John)

    Episode 19

    As a car wash employee, Jack plants his Uncle in the trunks of people's cars and then explains to customers that they can't wash their cars until they get their grandpa out of the back.

  • Game Show for Kids

    Episode 20

    I became a game show host just for these kids, and it wasn't really very fair.